Wonder Run 2019

Fort Worth, TX


The Children's Skin Disease Foundation

Children's Skin Disease Foundation's (CSDF) mission is to improve the lives of children with life-threatening and chronic skin disease and their families by offering wonderful experiences that will enrich their lives and empower them to have a childhood without limits.  

Skin disease results in much physical pain, some requiring several hours of medical care per day. Additionally, and often times worse, children with skin disease experience emotional pain as a result of their appearance.

The Children's Skin Disease Foundation's Founder, Francesca Tenconi was diagnosed with pemphigus foliceus at age 11. A year after launching the Foundation at 16 years of age, she searched for a way to create a community for children with skin disease where they could also have fun.  Francesca was offered a week at The Taylor Family Foundation, built by Elaine and Barry Taylor for children with special needs.  Francesca then met Dr. Jenny Kim and Dr. Stefani Takahashi, both dermatologists who wanted to give back to their patients by starting a camp.  These women joined forces to co-found Camp Wonder, welcoming the first campers in August of 2001. Since 2001, Camp Wonder has hosted thousands of children and their families.

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